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Shedko Badges : Manager 1.5

Shedko Badges : Manager allows you to mark files and folders with badges
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Shedko Badges : Manager is a program that allows you to mark files and folders with badges. These badges will help you to quickly identify a file or a folder, since you can catalog them using your own criteria.

Installing this program will add a "Badges" option to any contextual menu of Windows Explorer. That way, right clicking on any file or folder you can assign a badge to it, choosing between the following categories: Disabled, Certified, Cool, Danger, Delete, Distinguished, Favorite, Important, New, Personal and Web. You can use as many badges as you want. The program comes bundled with five different badge themes: (Crystal Clear, GANT, GNOME Nautilus, Mellow and Vosta), and you can download many more themes from

You can also create your own badge themes, by downloading the Shedko Badges´ Theme Author Pack from

The program can be installed, by default, in English or Russian. But you can download more language files from

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  • It´s a good free program to ease the task of cataloging files and folders in your computer


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